We've just changed the future of shipping world wide.

Just imagine. Hundreds of carriers and their fleet, dozens of warehouses, fastest couriers and the latest technology to organize them, all yours to use them instantly. Shipping world wide will never be same again, we promise you!

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82% of our platform runs on auto-pilot using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Anything you can imagine from price calculation to freights allocation per vehicle is designed by us in collaboration with 300 transport companies. You have instant access to a fleet of hundreds of vehicles and dozens of warehouses.

You can start your own business in the transport industry, whether you want to offer a fast food delivery in your town, a fast courier service, a pallet distribution or your own freight exchange, we've got you covered. No need for coding or web design, all you need is a logo and a domain name.


Key features
of our Pallet Network.

Artificial Intelligence

We use Artificial Intelligence in more than 82% of our activity, from calculating a price quotation to automatically find the best route and assign a new job to the carrier, our algorithms help us every day.

Instant quotations

Companies shipping their products can choose from three delivery methods: Express Delivery, Groupage Delivery and Low-cost Delivery. All prices are calculated automatically by our system taking in consideration more than 50 indicators.

Automated allocation

Based on the freight characteristics, carrier type, vehicle technical description and GPS location we allocate automatically all the jobs. Transport cost is calculated by our system and jobs can be accepted or refused using the Pallet Network Carrier App or the web based platform. It's like ordering a taxi, but for vans and trucks.

Documents generator

Our system will generate automatically all the documents required by a carrier and shipper to make a perfectly legal business. From a transport or storage contract to pallet labels, CMRs, PODs or proforma invoices. This enables even a one man show driver to accept jobs without having to stop.

API technology

For advanced businesses and developers we can provide an API Gateway for most ouf our robust features: price calculator, freights posting, vehicle tracking, jobs opportunities and so on. We offer a complete documentation, PHP examples.

Plug & Play

At Pallet Network we truly believe in financial freedom, we think that anyone should have a chance to generate passive income from the transport industry as long as they have minimal marketing or sales skills. With the Pallet Network white label freights exchange platform now it's possible.

Yes... We can do magic for you

The pallet network

Our network consists of hundreds of companies directly involved in the transport industry. The road transport freight forwarders are not allowed to become members of the pallet network.

Our mission

More business opportunities and more jobs. Reduce carbon footprint emission and optimize logistics around the world.

Using Artificial Intelligence does not mean reducing jobs that human beings could perform, quite the opposite. Our algorithms are used to calculate costs, organize hundreds of vehicles and freights simultaneously around the world which a human being will never be able to do it. Instead, we create more jobs in the transport industry and we allow literally anyone to start a business in transport within minutes. By optimizing transport costs we also lower the price per shipped product making it affordable to more final customers. Very often, lower prices also mean more demand and ultimately more jobs to be created in the manufacturing industry.

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Automation level in
Pallet Network
  • Auto-pilot platform using Artificial Intelligence82%
  • Price quotations100%
  • Legal documents (proforma invoices and contracts)100%
  • Jobs allocation to vehicles 100%
  • Members verification through A.I.56%
  • Fraud protection through A.I. and M.L.44%
  • Advertising campaigns real time adjustments76%

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